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Tax and legal services


  • Tax audit
  • Development and unification of accounting policies for financial and tax accounting purposes
  • Development of guidelines on accounting and taxation
  • Development of document workflow rules
  • Consulting on issues related to taxation, law and accounting, including in Q&A mode
  • Protection of taxpayers’ interests in arbitration courts
  • Transfer pricing for taxation purposes
  • Taxation of foreign specialists’ income
  • Services to foreign corporate persons
  • Protection of clients’ interests in tax disputes
  • Due diligence
  • Support of companies which apply investment allowances

Rosexpertiza is ready to help its clients to find more effective ways of conducting business, as we are interested in their financial success and growth. Competence, responsibility and practical experience, quality and comprehensiveness of services: there are the most important principles on which our activity is based.

When defending our clients’ interests in arbitration courts and highest courts, working on various taxation issues, we aim at achieving a unified interpretation of applicable laws and their constant application in the future.

Our researches in the field of tax laws and judicial practices, as well as our long-term experience of extrajudicial settling and our positive experience in conducting tax disputes in all Russian federal arbitration courts allow our experts to implement solutions which reduce our clients’ tax liabilities and guarantee tax safety of their business.

Rosexpertiza has a solid work experience both in tax consulting and in organizing tax accounting, thanks to which our experts are able to observe and trace changing trends in tax laws and promptly and timely react to them.

Rosexpertiza has all-round experience in the provision of consulting services on taxation, audit and application of tax laws to major Russian organizations, operating in the key branches of the Russian economy. Our client base includes companies operating in the fields of fuel and energy, electric power, metallurgy, nuclear power and nuclear fuel cycle, as well as the leading companies in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, instrumentation engineering and other segments.

In many large companies a large part of operations consists in related-party transactions, prices for which are subject to control by tax authorities. If the prices applied in the transactions by the group’s companies are not in line with market prices, tax authorities have the right to charge relevant taxes and fines. Currently tax control over transfer prices is not an established practice, but the experience of Eastern European countries shows that tax authorities will give close attention to such issues in the near future. Rosexpertiza offers consulting services for the preparation of the necessary document package substantiating the market character of the applied transfer prices for taxation purposes.

We do not propose easy solutions that allow for obtaining immediate advantages. We are oriented on a complex approach based on a deep and comprehensive analysis of the situation which will make maximum benefits possible. Our task is to help the client use its internal resources to give new momentum to business development. We guarantee to our clients full compliance of our solutions with the applicable Russian and international laws. 

We will be glad to have you among our clients.

Contact information:

DSC 0078 Ret SmIrina D. Chernik, Ph.D. in Law

Deputy General Director - Director of Tax & Legal Consulting Department

Phone: +7 (495) 721-38-83
Fax: +7 (495) 721-38-94
Mobile: + 7 (916) 351-54-45