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Nuclear Industry


Rosexpertiza has every right to consider itself as one of the pioneers in auditing enterprises in nuclear power industry. Starting from 1998 Kurskaya and Leningradskaya Nuclear Power Plants are our clients; Beloyarskaya and Novovoronezhskaya NPPs have become our clients since 2000, and Kolskaya NPP and Directorate of Kolskaya NPP-2 being under construction – since 2001.

Clients receiving audit services from Rosexpertiza during many years are also a group of enterprises of nuclear-fuel cycle with the cooperation started in 1999. Among these clients there are Electrochemical Plant (Zelenogorsk City) and Mining-Chemical Plant (Zheleznogorsk City, Krasnoyarsk region) and Uralsky Electrochemical Plant (Novouralsk City, Sverdlovsk Region).

The same year first contracts of Rosexpertiza were signed with Electrochimpribor Plant ” (Lesnoi City), Hydropress United Design Office (Podolsk City), and with Isotope Enterprise from St. Petersburg.

In 2001 Rosexpertiza started its cooperation with Angarsky Electrolyze Chemical Plant (Irkutsk Region) and Sevatomremont Co. (Polyarnye Zori, Murmansk Region). Atomenergostroiexport and Atomstroiexport add to the list of the most significant clients of Rosexpertiza in nuclear power industry.

In 2009 the Company was accredited to perform statutory annual audit of accounting (financial) statements of subsidiaries of Atomenergoprom Group.

Knowledge and experience of Rosexpertiza specialists in nuclear power industry are always at disposal of clients ordering audit and consulting services.