Rosexpertiza LLC: audit, consulting and appraisal services

Rosexpertiza LLC is one of the leading national firms providing services in the areas of audit, accounting and management, financial, legal and tax consulting, information technologies and appraisal of property groups.

Rosexpertiza is a member firm of professional non-commercial self-regulated organizations: Russian Collegium of Auditors and Association of Russian Masters Appraisers.


  • Wide-ranging industry expertise

    accumulated over 20 years of cooperation with enterprises and organizations representing practically all segments of Russian economy
  • Genuine independence

    achieved through high diversity of the client portfolio and nonexistence of domineering clients
  • Highly technological services

    provided in meticulous compliance with all international and national audit, consulting and appraisal standards
  • Immaculate reputation

    secured by stringent norms of ethics and confidentiality and invariably high effect from provision of services
  • Focus on large and holding companies

    Systemic study of intragroup links and all-embracing approach to provision of services
  • Reliable and professional staff

    Certified and attested specialists empowered with wide practice of teamwork
20 December 2013


Rosexpertiza wholeheartedly wishes its customers, partners, colleagues, and all friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!

We want you to welcome in the New Year in high spirits, share your joy with those around you, and the positive energy generated by these emotions will return to you and help you achieve success in all your new projects and endeavors.
31 March 2014

Rosexpertiza and VNIIneft JSC will continue cooperation

24 December 2013

Rosexpertiza shortlisted as potential appraiser for RZD