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Professional education services


Organization and holding of thematic educational and consulting seminars (including in corporate format) on accounting, taxes, finance and other economic and legal issues.

  • Advanced training for accountants and auditors
  • Preparation for attestation for auditors and professional accountants

Rosexpertiza’s distinctive feature is our Training Center which provides professional education and advanced training both to our employees and to our numerous clients. Private additional professional education institution Business Audit Training Center is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rosexpertiza LLC.

The Training Center has a state license for performance of educational activities in the field of retraining and advanced training of accountants and auditors, including according to IFRS, as well as relevant accreditations and authorizations in the field of the offered education services:

  • Accreditation with the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia for holding a special course for preparation and organization of exams for the obtainment of a professional accountant qualification;
  • Special permit of the expert board of the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia for holding special advanced training courses for professional accountants’ certificates;
  • Authorization by the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia to hold courses and organize exams for obtaining a professional accountant qualification according to IFRS;
  • Under an agreement with ATC International Ltd. the EducationCenter has the right to prepare experts for exams for the ACCA diploma according to DipIRF (Rus) program;

The professionalism of the teachers and of the Methodology Department allowed Business Audit to attract major corporate clients, including such leading companies in Russia and in the CIS as LUKOIL and its subsidiaries, Surgutneftegas, GazpromNeft, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Lukoil Trans, Integrated Financial Systems, Technopromexport, Baltika Breweries, banking institutions and major audit firms Ernst & Young, KPMG, Deloitte & Touche CIS, Energy Consulting etc.

Educational programs are developed taking into consideration the characteristics of clients’ business sector and the level of qualification of the people who attend the seminars. The strictly practical focus of the seminars is guaranteed by the selection of the best lectors and consultants in the relevant fields: experts of the Ministry of Finance, of the Federal Tax Service and of the Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation, and other structures who directly develop and implement relevant laws, as well as employees of the major audit and consulting organizations and famous economists.

Organization of the education process allows combining lessons with professional consulting on practical issues in which clients are interested. The lessons are offered at a time convenient for the clients, both at the client’s premises and in the Training Center.

Contact information:

Phone: +7 (495) 721-38-83
Fax: +7 (495) 721-38-94