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Management consulting


  • Development of strategic system plans
  • Modernization of business processes
  • Optimization of management structure
  • Financial management
  • Development of management accounting and control systems

Strategic business targets and solution of concrete tasks in a company’s financial and economic activity cannot be achieved without making correct and effective management decisions.

Rosexpertiza provides to its clients a full range of management consulting services on the basis of a precise algorithm: analysis > development > implementation.

Our specialists are highly qualified to solve management tasks of any degree of difficulty.

We believe that choosing the right independent consultant is one of the most important factors in management and corporate policies in contemporary business.

Rosexpertiza offers:

  • Development of strategic management systems (business development strategies);
  • Development of efficiency and performance evaluation criteria for any company’s business units;
  • Development of management accounting and control systems;
  • Performance of special assessments to identify and reduce management risks;
  • Optimization of the company’s management structure to increase the efficiency of business processes;
  • Development and implementation of systems for the management of the company’s internal financial flows;
  • Budgeting;
  • Management consulting;
  • Services related to increasing transparency and quality of corporate management (governability, uniformity, internal control etc.).

We have a rich practical experience in the field of corporate management consulting for companies in virtually all economic segments.

Under public contracts, our experts created a system for the management of extra-budgetary reserves for several companies of the Federal Agency on Industry.

Rosexpertiza’s reputation is confirmed by its significant experience in providing consulting services for projects financed by international financial associations (IBRD, EBRD) and other foreign clients. Moreover, our company has a solid experience of solving management tasks for major Russian companies and holdings.

Contact information:

DSC 0021 Ret SM Ludmila A. Ivanova

Head of Management Consulting Practice - Director of Methodology and Quality Control

Phone: +7 (495) 721-38-83
Fax: +7 (495) 721-38-94