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IFRS related services


  • Audit of any financial statements prepared based on the international and other countries’ standards,
  • Preparation (transformation) of financial statements to make them comply with international or other countries’ accounting standards (IFRS, GAAP),
  • Development of regulations and methodical documents to assist in drafting financial statements up to international standards,
  • Consultations on methods of drafting financial statements up to international standards and consultations on application of international standards.

Transparent financial statements that are prepared in compliance with IFRS and give a real picture of business are a must-to-have tool and will be a material advantage in your communications with partners, investors, and creditors.

Currently, a proper infrastructure is being formed in Russia to apply IFRS. Such infrastructure is supposed to have relevant legislation drafted, to have IFRS recognized in the Russian Federation, to obtain the right to use IFRS texts in Russian, to have IFRS translations certified, to implement a proper statement control system, and to generalize IFRS application experience.

Our experts are highly qualified to work in the domain of international accounting and auditing standards. Our company employs a large group of directors, managers and experts who are ACCA members or ACCA DipIFR qualified. Over 50 auditors of ours already hold Unified Qualification Certificates empowering them to work with all major consumers of IFRS services - listed companies, banks, and insurance and investment organizations.

Contact information:

DSC 0088 Ret Sm Vladimir V. Potekhin

Deputy General Director - Director of International Financial Reporting Department

Phone: +7 (495) 721-38-83
Fax: (495) 721-38-94