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Audit services


  • Audit of any financial statements prepared according to the Russian Accounting Standards,
  • Audit of any financial statements prepared according to international or other countries’ standards,
  • Review of the financial statements and carrying out agreed-upon procedures with regard to financial information,
  • Special order audit,
  • Diagnosis and analysis of internal control and management systems,
  • Routine consultations on accounting and taxation methods.

The Russian Federation is going through a progressive stage of business environment development, which implies integration into the global economy. In such context selection of an audit and related services partner is a key means to implement management and corporate policy.

Rosexpertizais an independent Russian company holding leading positions in the audit domain. Audit services account for about 70% of our company’s revenues.

Having all the necessary governmental licenses and letters of accreditation, Rosexpertizarenders its clients a wide range of auditing and related services tailored to the clients’ needs. Over 5,000 companies and organizations have applied for ourauditingservices during the 20 years of our operation.

Over 40 companies among our current and ex clients, including 30 Russia-based ones, are on the Expert Top-400 Russian Companies List; 9 companies out of those 30 being on the ForbesGlobal 2000 List too.

Rosexpertizais a truly independent auditing company, which is an apparent value in the Russian market and appreciated by both private sector clients and government agencies. Our backlog of orders includes brands managed by most of modern Russian financial and industrial groups and associations (Basic Element, Alfa Group, LUKOIL, Interros, URALSIB Financial Corporation, Evraz Group, Severstal, ONEXIM and others) and state holdings (Rosneft, Rostec, Rosatom, etc).

Rosexpertiza designed unique methodology procedures to conduct audit of corporate statements in various sectors and for all forms of ownership (Rosexpertiza LLC: Audit Techniques, 1999-2013). These methods are based on the international and national auditing standards and take into account our experts’ long-term experience of auditing largest Russian companies, holdings and backbone organizations.

This enables our specialists to flexibly choose an approach to auditing enterprises given their industrial characteristics, current operational and financial conditions and development prospects.

Rosexpertiza’s audits fully comply with the licensing requirements and are based exclusively on the regulatory acts of the Russian Federation, including Federal Audit Rules (Standards) currently in effect. Our company has passed numerous audit quality tests performed either by professional audit associations (Institute of Professional Auditors (IPAR), Institute of Professional Accountants (IPB)) and by other foreign quality control entities - as part of internal quality assurance policy implementation or as part of our accreditation with various international agencies.

Our company is staffed with auditors, lawyers and tax consultants experienced in modern law. While conducting audit, we commit to sending our clients immediate signals of any problem situations and offer all possible solutions to resolve those. If necessary, we can assist in resolving conflicts with tax authorities, in or out of court.

Rosexpertiza’sprofessional responsibility is insured by Insurance Group MSK.

Contact information:

DSC 0052 Ret SmNatalia Y. Suslova

Deputy General Director - Director of Audit Services Department

Phone: +7 (495) 721-3883, 721-38-86
Fax: (495) 721-38-94