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Accounting services


  • Accounting and tax accounting, preparation and filing of accounting, tax and statistical reports,
  • Preparation of consolidated accounting statements,
  • Tax and compulsory budget payment settlement,
  • Reconstruction of accounts and setting up an accounting system,
  • Payroll accounting, preparation of payroll tax reports to be submitted to state authorities,
  • Staff records keeping and preparation of local labor safety regulations,
  • Hands-on assistance and consultations on preparation of income tax statements,
  • Consultations on accounting and taxation.

Accounting is obligatory for any corporate entity subject to the Russian law and for branches and representative offices of foreign companies.

Accounting and financial statements produced based on the accounting figures provide information on corporate business activity, financial situation and operating results demanded by internal and external users.

Our task is to make sure a company has such an accounting system that will completely comply with the applicable law and enable a focus on strategic business development.

All our experts are certified highly qualified accountants or auditors with extensive practical experience. Accounting can be done either in the client’ office or on our premises using Russian software and with due account of any requirements issued by foreign companies’ headquarters.

Below are the advantages of doing accounting with us:

  • Cost of accounting services are fully included in the prime cost and reduce taxable income of your company,
  • All our experts are qualified accountants and auditors who keep on improving their qualifications and are certified annually to prove they fit their jobs,
  • Our clients do not have to equip a workplace for an accountant, spend money on accounting and legal software, subscription, or skills raising,
  • Clients ordering our accounting services are entitled to ongoing legal support,
  • As opposed to a staff accountant, our company is financially liable for all the services it renders and guarantees indemnification for any damage,
  • Our responsibility is insured with a reputable insurance company.

Contact information: 

DSC 0058 Ret SmAndrey V. Potseluev

Director of Accounting Consultants LLC

Phone: +7 (495) 721-38-83
Fax: +7 (495) 721-38-94