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Telecommunications & Media


Rosexpertiza has an extremely rich historical practice of working with enterprises operating in the field of telecommunications. It was already in 1996 when the Company started its cooperation with one of the pioneers of the alternative communications in Russia – Combellga, and in 1998 – with Vessolink providing first models of pagers for consumers.

In 2000 first contracts were signed by Rosexpertiza with Svazinvest eneterprises – Electrosvyaz of Moscow Region, Tulatelecom, Uraltelecom, Yekaterinburgskaya Telephone Net, Yekaterinburgsky Telegraph, Yekaterinburgskaya MTS, Electrosvyaz of Novosibirsk Region, Novosibirskaya GTS, Electrosvyaz of Krasnoyarsky Region, Electrosvyaz of Buryatia Republic, Electrosvyaz of Khabarovsk Region, Magadansvyazinform, Sakhalinsvyaz, Kamchatsvyazinform, TTK of Evreyskaya AO and Amursvyaz – the cooperation therewith developed further to include Interregional companies Dalsvyaz and TzentrTelecom.

In 2003 the accumulated expertise allowed the Company to win an open tender organized by one of the “behemoths” of Russian telecom – VympelCom which is till now, along with other companies of the Group, a consumer of audit and consulting services of Rosexpertiza.

Among other continuing over many years clients of the Company in this segment there are groups of companies Sky Link and Sinterra, companies of Rostelecom Group as well as T-Systems CIS, Deutsche Telecom ZAO and City Telecom. 

A separate niche among the clients of Rosexpertiza which represent telecommunications is taken by Gazprom Space Systems operating its own fleet of satellites. Gazprom Space Systems positions itself on the international market as a satellite operator while, in Russia, it is a provider of telecommunications and geoinformation services too.

Though, with the account for modern trends of forming information space, it is more of a habit to speak about the sphere of info-communications which includes, apart from communications operators, media-business enterprises as well.

In this segment Rosexpertiza has also accumulated significant experience; it is sufficient to mention such clients as National Telecommunications Group of companies and National Media Group (including REN-TV media holding) and Media Platform Group of companies.