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Oil, Gas & Energy


It is difficult to overestimate the experience Rosexpertiza has got while cooperating with fuel and energy enterprises. With no risk of exaggerating one can state that the volume of this cooperation is as significant as important is Oil and Gas Industry for Russian economy.

From the very first years of its activity (1994-1995) the Company already signed contracts to provide audit services to such “business locomotives” as Sidanko, Rosnefteimpex, Nafta-Moskva, Univers-Nafta, Morovoil, Varieganneftegaz and Tebukneft.

That was the time when cooperation of Rosexpertiza with Surgutneftegaz started which successfully continues till now and which embraces, in addition to SNG itself, a group of refining and selling enterprises (Kirishinefteorgsintez, Kaliningradnefteproduct, Lennefteproduct, Tvernefteproduct and others).

In 1997-1999 audit contacts were signed with Sakhalin Energy Investment Co. Ltd., Norilskgazprom, Khabarovsknefteproduct, Khabarovsky Refinery.

It requires a special note in regard to largest companies – Total E&P Russie, ITERA Oil and Gas Co., and Zarubezhneft - the work with which started at that time and still continues. In respect to the latter company it is expedient to mention a later appearance of its subsidiaries among Rosexpertiza’s clients – i.e. Zarubezhneftestroymontazh, Russian Interbranch Scientific and Technical Complex RMNTK Nefteotdacha, JC Rusvietpetro, as well as Academician A.P. Krylov All-Russian Oil and Gas Scientific Research Institute and NeftegazInCor.

Over the subsequent years, the Company’s portfolio of orders was replenished with many oil and gas enterprises among which it is necessary to note Nafta-Ulianovsk, Taimyrgaz, Promgaz, Nortgaz, Krasnoyarsknefteproduct, Purgaz, United Oil Group, Burneftegaz, as well as Kem-Oil Group of companies comprising Anzherskaya oil and gas company, Anzhersky Refinery and Severny Kuzbass Refinery.

In 2009 Rosexpertiza was declared a winner in the open tender to provide audit of statements for Rosneft Oil Company with over 300 subsidiary and affiliated companies and consolidated statements of the Group of companies.

The same year Rosexpertiza started its cooperation with Gazpromneft Aero Group which includes aviation fuel-supply complexes of Gazpromneft Aero Sheremetievo, Gazpromneft Aero Murmansk, Gazpromneft Aero Novosibirsk and Gazpromneft Aero Krasnoyarsk.

It is also worth mentioning a number of oil-servicing companies – clients of Rosexpertiza which operate at the junction of oil and gas and machine-building industries. Such clients are represented by Integra Group of companies, Nizhnevartovsky Overhaul of Wells, OMZ – Oil and Gas Projects (Izhorskie zavody) and a Russian branch of American company GeoTrend Corporation.

A substantial experience has also been accumulated by the Company in the area of cooperation with power industry enterprises. It is worth mentioning the following largest clients of the RAO UES of Russia pre-reform period: Mosenergo, Kolenergo, Krasnoyarskenergo, as well as Ivanenergo and Vladimirenergo.

Later, the Company’s specialists fulfilled work of auditing statements of TGK-5, Mosenergosbyt, Stavropolenergosbyt, Sevkavkazenergo, Dalenergo, Sakhaenergo, Geoterm, Verkhnemutnovskaya GeoES”, groups of regional main-grid companies, as well as Serovskaya GRES, Stavropolskaya TGK and Schekinskie Steam Generators.

Time and again, consulting services in the field of appraisal and project financing have been rendered to OGK-3 and TGK-2; while the largest client of Rosexpertiza in this area is Federal Grid Company of UES.

Coal industry is traditionally considered to be an adjacent-to-energy industry. In this field Rosexpertiza also has a substantial expertise ensured by many years of cooperation with such enterprises as Rosugol and Reformugol Groups, with coal assets of Norilsk Nickel Group (Taimyrsky, Oktyabrsky and Komsomolsky Mines), Krasnoyarskaya Coal Company, Vostsibugol and Chitinskaya Coal Company with their multiple subsidiary mines and selling companies, Dalvostugol, Khakasugol, Sakhalinugol, Prokopievskugol and with Yuzhkuzbassugol Group of companies (more than 20 subsidiaries) and Raspadskaya Holding representing coal assets of EVRAZ Group.