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Engineering & Electronics


From the outset of Rosexpertiza activity, enterprises of machine-building complex of Russia have been taking quite a significant place among the Company’s clients.

  • Clients in the field of aircraft- and rocket-building are represented by such enterprises as “Energia” Rocket and Space Corporation named after Korolev, Military-Industrial Corporation ‘NPO of Machinebuilding’ (Reutov City), Sukhoi Holding Company, Gas-Turbine Engineering Research and Production Center “Salyut”, as well as Tactical Rocket Armament Corporation Group of companies”;
  • Among shipbuilding enterprises it is worth mentioning, firstly, “Severnaya Verf” Shipbuilding Plant’, Northern Machine-building Enterprise (Sevmash) and “Zvezdochka” Shipbuilding & Repair Center (Severodvinsk City);
  • Car manufacturing industry clients are represented by GAZ Group, Avtovaz, Volkswagen Group Rus, Magna Russia Group of companies, Automotive Components International Rus, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus and others.

In 2011-2012 Rosexpertiza specialists fulfilled a large contract of American TEREX Corp. related to its cooperation with GAZ Group;

  • Heavy engineering and energy machine-building clients – such as Power Machines Concern, Kaluzhsky Turbine Plant, Energomashexport Corporation and United Machine-building Plants Group.

Also, the Company’s specialists have industry experience of no less solidity in the area of electronics and instrument-making industry – highly-technological industries which are developing at accelerated rate and are among the main priorities of the Federal Policy. 

In this regard it is worth mentioning Rosexpertiza’s cooperation with Experimental Machine-building Plant (Korolev City), Avtoelectronika JSC, Special Designing-Technological Bureau of Radioequipment, Kaluzhsky Instrument-making Plant “Taifun”,  Steering, Navigation and Communications Systems Design Bureau “Radiocontrol”, Kaluzhsky Institute of Telemechanical Devices, Krylov State Research Center, Research Center of Ship-building Industry “Tzentr”, Topaz Plant, with Russian Electronics Group of companies and Research Center of Applied Mechanics named after Academician Reshetnev (now Institute of Satellite Systems named after Academician Reshetnev) and its subsidiary enterprises.

In addition, Rosexpertiza has a serious practice of working with many enterprises of Rostekh State Corporation (before 2012 – Rostekhnologii State Corporation) embracing numerous companies which produce highly-technological equipment for civil and military purposes.