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Memberships in Professional Organizations


Rosexpertiza renders audit and audit-related services in accordance with the relevant legislation on audit practices and new requirements set by the Federal Law № 307-FZ of December 30, 2008 “On Audit Practice”, effective as from January 1, 2010. In particular, since that date, audit activities are no longer subject to licensing in Russian Federation which is substituted by mandatory membership of auditors and audit companies in one of the self-regulated organizations of auditors (SROA).

To comply with this new legislation, Rosexpertiza has terminated its membership in Institute of Professional Auditors (IPAR) and Institute of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Russia (IPB), while remaining in the Russian Collegium of Auditors (RCA) only.

In its turn, Non-for-profit Partnership “RCA” was granted by RF Finance Ministry with a status of a self-regulated organization and entered into State Registrar of SROA. In line with the Federal Law, RCA created its own Register of Auditors and Audit Organizations where Rosexpertiza LLC is entered under the Main Registration Number (ORNZ) 10205006556. Earlier, the Company was operating under RF Finance Ministry License № E 000977 enabling to perform audit practice for the period till June 25, 2012.


Russian  Collegium  of  Auditors  is a professional organization of auditors, earlier accredited with Russian Federation Finance Ministry (RF FM Order № 145 of 16.07.2002, Accreditation Certificate № 5 of 17.07.02), and now is registered by RF Finance Ministry as a self-regulatedorganization of auditors (RF FM Order № 675 of 22.12.2009, Registration Number of Entry into SROA State Register  - 05).

Created in 1992, RCA is one of the largest audit organizations in Russia. It has 52 regional branches with over 2 400 auditors and more than 560 audit organizations being its members. It is a Full Member of IFAC. RCA representatives sit on Board on Audit Practice under RF Finance Ministry and Boards of Audit in different subjects of Russian Federation.

As a company that provides appraisal services, Rosexpertiza is a co-founder and corporate member of Not-for-profit Partnership “Self-regulated Organization of Association of Russian Masters Appraisersl” (NP “SRO ARMO”), while key specialists of the Company are Full Members of Association within the frame of the relevant legislation on appraisal activity. The Company is entered under the Registration Number 62 on March 22, 2005 into the Register of Legal Entities accredited at NP “SRO ARMO”.


Not-for-profit Partnership “Self-regulated  Organization of Association of Russian Masters Appraisers” is registered under № 0002 in the State Register of Self-Regulated Organizations of Appraisers on July 4, 2007.

NP “SRO ARMO” is a leading professional union of Russian appraisers. As of today, over 1600 appraisal specialists are ARMO members. NP “ARMO” participates in work of Consultative Board on Appraisal Activity under RF Ministry for Economic Development, is a member of RF National Board on Appraisal Activity and actively cooperates with the Appraisal Foundation of USA, is a member of International Consultative Board of Appraisal Foundation.